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I am so proud to have had anything to do with this amazing photograph! McKenzie Harris (Elliot) came to me after losing a substantial amount of weight. I helped perform the fourth alteration to her dress, taking it down all the way from a size 12 to a size 2!


McKenzie says, "Whenever I picked up my wedding dress, I realized when I got home that it wouldn't be able to stay up since I had been losing weight recently. This was one whole week before the wedding! A friend told me about Alan who said he could take care of it, and he did a fantastic job! My dress fit like a glove after he was done with it, and it was done in a matter of days, and for such a great price. He saved my dress, and I couldn't be more thankful! Fantastic, speedy, well priced work is a rarity, but we just so happen to have someone who does it in Bardstown!"

Thank you McKenzie, you were a joy to work with. Click here to link to McKenzie's photographer


Lauren's dress had multiple tiers of beautiful lace at the bottom. Instead of throwing away the extra lace when we hemmed the dress, we added a second row to the front of the dress. It's a detail you might not pick up on, but the dress would look empty without it and you would definitely notice if we had left it off. I also love how beautifully Lauren's dress bustled. The dress looks perfectly natural with the train up or down.


Kristen's dress was WAY too poofy, not to mention too long. I trimmed and hemmed about twelve layers to turn her dress into the one she imagined.

Kristen says, "Thank you! Everything went beautifully and the dress worked out perfectly! I appreciate all your hard work. It was nice working with you as well!"


Samantha called me, crying, because her dress was way too huge. She found me on-line and decided to drive all the way from Louisville because she wanted her dress done right. She's glad she made the trip! Her dress fit perfectly when she left.

Samantha says, "He did am amazing job on my wedding dress this summer. ... I ordered my wedding dress in February 2016 and I received it in April and they had sent me a size 18 Wide. It swallowed me whole. I was so worried that taking it in would change the shape of the dress, but he did a fantastic job. It looked wonderful."


Look at this picture and you will see the importance of a perfect hem length. Nathalie brought this amazing wedding photo back from New York City.

Photo credit: Sascha Reinking Photography

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