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Alteration Services



I believe in giving my customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. I offer alterations services, repairs, measuring and more, ensuring the perfect fit for your attire.


Tips for Fittings:

  • Always have the correct foundation under your garments when being fitted. A good foundation can improve the overall appearance of your garment. 


  • For long skirts/dresses or pants being shortened bring the correct shoes.


  • If the item you are altering is 95% cotton or more it is a good idea to give it a wash before altering. I have seen shrinkage up to 1" after washing.


  • If you are unsure if the item is worth altering or if what you want can be done, bring it in to me. I pride myself on honesty and can always give you a free estimate.


Remember, my work is my advertisement so I want you to look good and be happy with it!

 My Services Include


  • Letting-out or Taking-in and hemming clothes so they fit you properly.
  • Altering school uniforms.
  • Special-request sewing projects
  • Bridesmaid dress alterations
  • Prom alterations
  • Custom clothing - either made to your personal measurements or copying a favorite garment
  • Repairing worn or torn clothing.
  • Maternity alterations
  • Attaching patches and buttons
  • Leather repairs
  • Zipper repairs
  • & more...
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