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Water Fast - Day 9

Weight: 146.8 Energy: 7/10 (7=average) Attitude: 7/10

Let me tell you about my most recent discovery: Seltzer Water! It is like a party for your mouth! So tingly, flavorful, and mouth-feely – where have you been all my life?

With the aid of seltzer water, my fast continues. Do you realize that all of this, so far, is merely prelude? I am out to set a new record for myself – 21 days fasting. Last time I did 11, so I am merely retreading old ground right now. But, too, it is much easier (mentally) because I have been here before.

Last night before bed Alexander said, “Dad, can I tell you my favorite part of the day?” This is something we do sometimes. “It was when mom gave me a stress ball, and I was playing with it, but then I used self-discipline and put it away so I could do my jobs.” Oh, it makes a father proud!



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