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Water Fast - Day 8

Weight: 148.2 Energy: 4/10 (7=average) Attitude: just tired

Remember how I mentioned declining energy yesterday evening? Well, pretty much in bed today. It is a confusing time to have COVID go through the house.

Yes, Nicole tested positive this morning. She’s gone to bed at 7:30 each of the last three nights, so we knew something was up. I think we can just assume that I have it now. I blocked off the rest of the week for quarantine – which is a nice thing to be able to do! To have an excuse to lie low, I mean.

Nicole has been tired, napping, and going to bed early for the past few days but, when I said that I’m feeling pretty tired myself today, her initial response was, “Yeah, but you also haven’t eaten for a week.” This is why I say it’s confusing, but I definitely believe it’s COVID.



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