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Water Fast - Day 5

Weight: 151.6 Energy: 7/10 (7=average) Attitude: 8/10 (7=average)

Oh! Today I feel the best yet! I quit eating my salt and potassium yesterday and, finally, my stomach has quieted down and relaxed. I am not hungry.

I am not hungry but I did make four dozen cookies yesterday! Oh, so many delicious things I want to make. I realize how little I tend to taste the food I am eating. Sometimes, I even feel that preparing and eating my food gets in the way of the rest of my life. Well!

As I keep saying, I am not hungry today, but I do keep thinking about food. I think that is because it is so omnipresent. How many social events are held without calories of some sort being served? Food is everywhere. My house has only eight rooms, and one of them is dedicated exclusively to food! Two more are purpose-made for getting rid of that food. So it is difficult not to think of food, but I see that this is an opportunity to train my mind.



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