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Water Fast – Day 4

Weight: 151.6 Energy: 6/10 (7=average) Attitude: 7/10 (7=average)

My guts have not been feeling good for the past few days. At first I attributed this to simply adjusting to the fast, but now I think that my cramps and loose stools (as such) are the result of the potassium water I am drinking.

I wish I knew how much I was getting from my normal diet! The USDA recommends that you consume 4700mg of potassium/day. The UK says you need 3500mg. But a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the average potassium intake for adults is around 1,755 milligrams. The Mayo Clinic reports, “Because lack of potassium is rare, there is no (recommended daily allowance) for this mineral. However, it is thought that 1600 to 2000 mg … per day for adults is adequate.”

I am decreasing my potassium intake by 40%, from 3450mg to 2070mg.

Mom, please notice that I am paying attention to my body and trying to give it what it needs. For those of you who don’t know, my mother was a dietician. She is not onboard with fasting, though she has always been supportive of her son’s explorative nature.

Yesterday Rocky and I went to Jeff’s to continue work on my camping trailer. Not the Scamp, but a small box trailer I bought for interim use, while the Scamp is still under remodel. It is a little 4x6 box trailer 3’ tall. The trailer came to me without a closure on the rear opening, and no doors in any of the sides. We are cutting doors into the sides, adding latches, hinges, and weather-stripping. For the rear door we are making a double-folding door for the rear. The top half will fold down and latch the bottom half, then the bottom half will lower and be suspended by chains so that it will serve as a table. Folding down the entire door as one piece would have made the table stick out too far and made it difficult to access the trailer. Rocky (pictured) doesn’t really care to hang out in the workshop with us and instead prefers to sit in the van. Well. I am glad for his independence, for the fact that he can be in my van without tearing things up, and that he is comfortable in the van by himself. This will allow me to take him more places.

I so enjoy working with Jeff! I have never been musical (though Jeff is), but what Jeff and I do together is, I am guessing, what it must feel like for musicians to get together and jam. Collaborative would be the word.



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