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Water Fast - Day 19

Weight: 140.4 Energy: 4/7

Well, day 19. I need to give an update. I am basically limping to the finish line. I need something to dedicate my fast to, something to make the suffering worthwhile. … I do call it suffering. You can read other journals like mine of other people who have completed 21-day fasts. Some people make out like it was no feat at all. Well, maybe so, but my experience is different. My experience is difficult, and right now my motivation is flagging.

I have asked my sister to make sure to dissuade me if I ever talk of doing another long fast! But I reserve the right to reassess at any time in four weeks after I finish. For instance, I read about people who have digestive problems which are cured by fasting. I had pretty good digestion before, but there may be some benefit that doesn’t make itself known until after I resume eating.

I was pretty much in bed all day today, so not much to report. I have no sewing customers tomorrow, though I do have a full morning on Saturday, the last day of my fast. The last day!

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