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Water Fast - Day 17

Weight: 142 Energy: 5/7

Yesterday, halfway through my trip at the hardware store today, I had to take a rest in one of the recliners on display in their home-furnishings section. And then I took a nap when I got home. Definitely was not experiencing mental clarity yesterday, either.

Interestingly, my energy has returned (slightly – it is fine as long as I don’t get up and move around!) and so has my body heat. I noted on Day 14 that my hands and feet were constantly cold. Yesterday and today, not so. … Nicole suspects that this may be due to the fact that the ambient temperature has increased by about thirty degrees. I am also feeling much better about my fast in general, so I guess I just had a bad day. Still, I am counting down and do not anticipate that I will fast past this Saturday. Only drinking about 40oz/day of my disgusting electrolyte water.

I have been needing to remind myself that it would be OK for me to be in a good mood. But I am only counting down the remaining days of my fast, waiting for them to pass.

I am excited to dedicate myself to my restaurant. Just now, the preparation of delicious, healthy food seems like the highest possible calling. I am so excited and interested to master new culinary skills. I wonder why I have been so busy pursuing financial rewards when I could have been busy in the kitchen. I want to start making bread again.


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