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Water Fast - Day 14

Weight: 143

I have been trying to correct my electrolytes all day, to combat a thick tongue and feelings of thirst. I have not been as rigid about eating my salt and taking potassium pills. The salt is gross and the pills have sharp edges and a chalky exterior that gets stuck in my throat. I am doing better tonight, anyway. Part of the problem, I think, is the seltzer water. When I am drinking delicious seltzer water, I am not drinking my gross potassium/baking soda/salt water – can you blame me?! But then I don’t get my electrolytes, either.

My extremities have grown colder over the past few days. This is hard to measure, since it is winter now and it is easy to get cold for non-fasting reasons. But I’m wearing double long-underwear tops and bottoms, plus a sweater and wool hat and still getting chilly hands and feet with the thermostat set at 70F. … Don’t worry, Mom! I am keeping tabs on things and won’t let anything get out of hand. (Cold hands and feet are a common side effect of fasting, when your body slows its metabolic rate and attempts to conserve energy.)

Today wrapped up two weeks of fasting. Think of that – I haven’t eaten any calories for TWO WEEKS! I asked Nicole to pick up some sauerkraut for me this afternoon, as it is one of the recommended foods for breaking a fast. I saw on the label that it is only 5 calories in a two tablespoon serving. I thought, “Gee, maybe I could have just a couple of pieces today, just for some taste. Just maybe two calories…” But I didn’t.

Tonight I am feeling as though I would like to start eating, but I also want to complete a 21-day fast. And if I am ever going to complete a 21-day fast, I will have to fast for 14 days before I can get there. And I don’t think I really care to do another 14-day fast, so I had better make this one count and go all the way!

Now, because there must be *some* redeeming factor here, I want to say that my relationship with Nicole continues to improve as I fast. Maybe I am being more aware of her as we converse. Maybe she is being more kind because I haven’t eaten. Whatever the reason, our conversations have grown more gentle and I feel that we are collaborating better.

Well, I have filled my pill container for the upcoming week. Just seven more days and that is it! … Taken in that light, I see that there is nothing to it. I still have plenty of fat to see me through to the end.



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