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Water Fast - Day 12

Weight: 144.6 Energy: 7/10 (7=average) Attitude: 7/10

Well folks, we have pretty fairly broken into the realm of “normal.” Fasting is no longer the central fact of my days. I am just Alan, back to his regular joys, cares, and concerns.

I have not been eating, but that isn’t preventing me from moving forward on my restaurant! I am working on the purchase of a pizza oven, currently located in Georgia. These ovens weigh about 4000# and cost just shy of $40,000 if you are buying them new. I have found a used one for about $8000. The owner was in business for less than a year – too bad for him. I would be so excited to get a real pizza oven up here so I can start making some pizzas, testing out recipes. Even if the restaurant is not open, I have a number of friends who would like to stop by and give their input.

Of course, before the restaurant can open, I will need a kitchen. I met with the plumber this morning, again. My plumbing plans were approved by the state Housing and Building Department! Next we have to run them past the health department, and the city will want to have some say in sizing/placement of the grease trap. But we can begin cutting into the floor, jackhammering the concrete, and digging trenches for the pipe. After we get the plumbing in, then I can finish the kitchen floor. And after the floor? Then I can start buying my equipment! The electrician has been after me for the past twelve months, anxious to install my circuit breaker box so that we can actually power on the restaurant. He has run all of the wires, but they only end in a tangle where the breaker box should be. However, because this is a 3-phase (industrial power) operation, the breaker boxes are obscenely expensive and you have to know just which breakers you want them to install in your custom box, before you order it. I can’t know which breakers I need until I buy the equipment. And I can’t buy the equipment until I have clear floorspace on which to set it.

Now, here is some interesting Fasting news, also related to my kitchen: last time I fasted, I watched hours and hours of food-prep movies. Baking shows. Lots of videos about different Neapolitan pizza restaurants. This time, food is much less at the forefront. Honestly, it is Nicole who has been bingeing on baking shows. I told her I expect some real treats when this is all over! Alexander says he is going to bake me a cake.



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