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Water Fast - Day 10

Weight: 147 Energy: 8/10 (7=average) Attitude: 8/10

I was up until midnight putting a power inverter in my minivan. Just, had the energy to keep working, so I finished my project, put all of my tools away, and took a shower. Up this morning at 7am and feeling great, though I expect I may take a nap.

With all of the preparation I am doing for camping, I had better start doing more of it! We have foster care classes the next few weekends, and then it is prom season.

Today I was excited to clear out space in the restaurant so that my plumber can show me just where he wants the cement floor cut up so we can, finally, start building out the kitchen!! This is it, people, it’s happening! I may even (possibly) be headed to Georgia later this week to purchase our pizza oven. Nicole’s attic space is also coming – her ceiling is almost finished. All she will have left to do is install light fixtures and paint. Wow! Once she moves out, we’ll have a spare room in the house, which we intend to fill with a foster child. Foster Parent class begins next month.

In terms of the fast, I feel pretty good. I pop potassium pills three or four at a time throughout the day, and wash them down with potassium/salt/sodium bicarbonate water. My electrolytes feel stable and balanced.

I am constantly amazed that, when I look down at myself, I am all still here! I expect to see a large hole in my abdomen. But nope, I still look normal. Even starting to look good again! You know I gained 25# so that I could do this fast, going from 135# to 160#. How many people told me, at 160#, that I didn’t need to lose any weight? But I know better. I was so sick of that soft look. My muscular definition is starting to come back now. … I’ll share pictures when I reach the finish line.

One thing I wanted to say was, “This *is* hard, you know.” On the one hand, it is only a decision. I decided to fast for 21 days, so now I’m doing it. The decision was pretty easy. But it is hard in the way that camping in the rain is hard. The wet, the discomfort. … I would rather be fasting than sleeping in a wet sleeping bag, though.

So why am I fasting? Because I haven’t done it before (for this long). Because the last two times I tried it, it was unpleasant (poor electrolyte management) and I knew that it could be more comfortable, so I wanted to try it again and get it right. Because it’s a new and unique experience. Because I really don’t know what’s on the other side. I will tell you that my fast has been good for my relationship with Nicole. Heck, I haven’t had a drink in a month, so there is undoubtedly value to that. I haven’t been exercising (or even carrying heavy things up to the Dome to put them away) but I’m excited to start eating and exercising again. I’m excited to get back to doing pull-ups after a weight loss of 25#!

Even just sitting here and asking myself, “Why am I doing this?” has value. How much of our lives to we run on autopilot, unquestioned?



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