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Water Fast - Day 1

My breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of my fast.

Weight: 156.6# Energy: 7/10 (average) Attitude: 7/10 (average)

I have high expectations for this fast. Putting my body into ketosis was/is always unpleasant for me, but I managed that before the fast even started, so the hard part is done! I believe I have a much better electrolyte regimen in place, too. I have had a hard time eating my daily allotment of 1 Tbsp of rock salt but, with no food to consume now that the fast has begun, I hope it will get easier to work it in.

Here is what I ate yesterday. I mention it because it is disgusting: One pound of bacon, half a pound of cheese, nine eggs, 12oz Brussels sprouts, 6oz shrimp. Brussels sprouts were the last thing I ate before I started my fast. How sad is that?

Nicole brought home pulled pork for lunch. It smelled amazing and I excused myself to the living room. My daughter threw a fit, would not finish her sandwich, and was sent to her bedroom. Would not finish her food?! You know how a Dad feels about kids not eating their food at any given time, but imagine the reaction when he is fasting! Actually, I was not upset or even surprised (this is my daughter, after all), but oh! that half-eaten sandwich smelled so good!

Mostly, not really hungry, just missing the companionship of food. My stomach is rumbling a little and getting used to itself as it empties out. Remember that, even though I wasn’t eating carbs or sugar, I still had a lot of food in me. I was not uncomfortable, but I expect I will feel better once everything empties out.



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