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No, Spidey!

I woke up this morning to find my spider curled up and convulsing at the bottom of her cage. You know the dried-up-spider pose they do when they die, with their legs retracted, curled into a ball? That was my Spidey, but with a burst abdomen. I feel so guilty for overfeeding her. But who would have thought that one spider per week was overfeeding?! “Such a stupid species,” I thought, “eating themselves to death. They don’t even know when to stop eating.” And then I remembered my own species and had to stop a minute to think about that.

In other news, Nicole’s phone stopped working last week. It was working fine, then overnight, stopped connecting to its network. My SIM doesn’t work in her phone and her SIM doesn’t work in my phone. The backup phone that our kids use is also not working, for some unknown reason. This comes on top of Nicole’s van’s alternator going out, possible title issues with the land I just bought, and a tire blowout on the freeway – in the rain. Fortunately, I was packing a spare!

It is hot and humid today. Need to get a few outdoor projects taken care of before the heat really starts, then wrap up some sewing before our trip to Iowa to meet up with my mom. Goodness, we are on vacation almost every-other-week this summer!


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