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Day Before the Fast

I haven’t tested my urine for ketones yet, but I am in ketosis now; I am sure of it. Last night felt very familiar and similar to what I have felt after three days of fasting. I have been strict about no carbs and no sugar for the past three days, so it is right that the same change should take place after the same amount of time. I felt a little queasy, but that may have been due to all of the salt I ate.

I hate eating salt! But sodium is an important mineral and I have to consume a TABLESPOON of rock salt each day. Can this be encapsulated? The “not eating” part of a fast is easy for me, but choking down my potassium water (I mix my “No Salt” with my water, rather than eating it dry) and the rock salt is gross. This will be my fasting diet:

  • 1 Tbsp Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (~4500mg sodium)

  • 1 1/4 tsp “No Salt” salt substitute – for potassium (~3500mg)

  • 500mg magnesium (20% each of magnesium glycinate, citrate, malate, aspartate, and gluconate)

  • 1200mg calcium

  • 50mg zinc

  • apple cider vinegar capsule – optional, but I have them on hand and figure they can’t hurt

Breakfast this morning was half a pound (uncooked weight) of bacon, four eggs, and shredded cheddar cheese.



Listless is how I feel. Lack of focus. A persistent, low-level distraction from the foods I wish I could be eating. I – listen to this – I lost a game of chess to my dad last night! So, I must not be thinking straight. I was going to work on some projects around the house but, suddenly, I realize that the thing to do is take it easy. Only, no beer or wine to relax with…

I am repulsed by the foods available to me. It will be a relief not to have to eat tomorrow.



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