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Day 7 - A Down and an Up

Day 6 was a bit rough, is why you didn’t hear from me. I was feeling very much not good – just like what happened during my last long fast. I was upset, because I wanted to feel great! All of the fasting journals I have read, people feel amazing, get great clarity, have a very positive experience.

I wasn’t in pain, and I wasn’t hungry, just hollow. My jaw was clenching and my throat was tightening. Uncomfortable, is what it was. And it took me all day to figure it out, but I finally hit upon the idea that my electrolytes were low.

Electrolytes! I thought they were just something used to sell sport drinks. I’ve been taking an electrolyte pill while fasting, because the Internet told me to. It says plainly on the bottle, “Take one pill per day. Do not exceed recommended dosage.” But a second pill was just what I needed. Woke up this morning feeling great. :)

I am carrying on my daily responsibilities very well. On my last fast, I was walking v e r y slowly by this point. Like, my 90-year-old grandma slow. But this time I ambulate just fine. Took the kids on a 2 mile bike ride today and, out of curiosity, discovered how many push-ups I can do.

At my peak this year, I was able to do 80 push-ups in a row. Now, the gym has been closed for two months. I used to go an hour a day, but I have not done any weight training since. But today I popped off 75 push-ups! So I feel good about where I’m at, physically.

The rest of the day has just been work and parenting, though I am taking it easier on myself than normal, indulging in more movie and reading time.

Weight: 144.2



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