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Day 4 - Another Reason to Fast

Updated: May 19, 2020

I want to know what I am capable of. I have a long-standing agreement with myself that, unless something is bad for me, I am bound to at least try it. This helps me to keep an open mind to new experiences and ensures that I do not get trapped in a bubble of fear. A lot of people say, “Oh but fasting, isn’t that dangerous?” Well, no, it’s not. What bothers me a bit is people spouting off opinions when they haven’t committed so much effort as a Google search to learning what they are talking about.


Couldn’t sleep last night. Went for a walk (a couple of miles) and went back to bed at 01:30. Up at 06hh with my alarm clock and couldn’t get back to sleep. No exercise but washed the house with Nicole today. It’s 14:30 now – time for my electrolyte pill and a nap!

Still no measurable ketone level, so my body hasn’t switched over to fat burning. Come on!

I am tired but, I think, less so than I normally would be with only 4.5hrs of sleep behind me.


Took a three hour nap. Feeling better! I had a sore right ear on day 2. I had felt, before, like maybe I had a little hair on my eardrum. That happened once before, when I was a child. Sort of like a little bit of water, after swimming. I had noticed it, but it wasn’t a problem. Day 2, it almost became a problem, to the point I decided that I would go to see the doctor on Monday (Day 5) if it didn’t get better. But it has!

Now what I am feeling is an aching/weakness in my right knee. This has been going on for a year or longer and was the main thing I was hoping my fast might cure. Seems that my body is at work on it, so, fingers crossed!

I am definitely slowing down, thinking about my path and which route is the most efficient. As I said, my body has not shifted to fat-burn mode. I expect this will take place tomorrow, and I am hoping for a turbo boost!

I don’t even know whether I am hungry, so I guess that means I am not, but I think about food a lot. I think I am just bored! Consider, with food prep, eating, and clean-up, I’ve got an extra two hours/day, and I miss my familiar routines.



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