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Day 10

I just had a nightmare that I forgot I was fasting and ate a baby carrot and mini Twix bar. Forgot I was fasting, ha! Initially I was very upset, but when I realized it had all been a dream, well, what a pleasant experience it had been! It gets me thinking: Can't some brain geniuses make a device to stimulate the right neurons so I can taste delicious food, even when I am not eating it? Imagine, you could plug in at your desk, just like an MP3 player. Taste whatever food you like, all day long. Only, you might want to avoid switching your food-player to the shuffle function...

What I miss most about food is its flavor. It sounds crazy after... 8? 9? days without eating, but I really am not hungry. Now that I've got my electrolytes figured out, I really feel dandy. But I miss all of the exciting flavors of food. Secondly, I miss textures. The closest I come to that food mouthfeel is when I eat my kids' bacon - which is what we call it when I nibble on their ear lobes. I have tried eating their ears while they are actively chewing bacon, but it doesn't do anything for the flavor on my end. Dangerous for those kids, though, to put their ears in the mouth of someone who hasn't eaten for a week, with the smell of bacon in the air.

Now, a technical note about electrolytes, for any other fasters who may have stumbled across my blog looking for advice. If you Google "snake juice" you will find the following recipe. It's a silly name, but I didn't choose it. I just know that I *feel so much better* since I started on it:

64oz water

1tsp baking soda (sodium)

¾ tsp Epsom salt (magnesium)

1 ½ tsp No Salt (potassium)

½ tsp Himalayan rock salt (more sodium)

1 Tbsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (just because everybody’s doing it)

Drink it all day long and you will be glad for it.


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