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Black Widow

A few years ago I purchased bug zappers to keep down the flies that would find their way indoors. Loudly-buzzing flies were so obnoxious to me on those quiet evenings when I was trying to enjoy a good book. But since I have started keeping a black widow spider for a pet, I am excited to see these pests in my abode. I keep my eye out for them and capture them – whether with a cup or a vacuum cleaner – then release them into my widow’s lair.

Yes, two weeks ago I found a black widow lurking near our garbage cans. In the past, Nicole and I have killed these venomous spiders – not out of malice, but out of a keen desire to avoid being bitten by them. It always made me sad, though, to needlessly kill such a beautiful animal. Then, when I was researching tarantulas, I saw that some people keep these spiders as pets. What a wonderful idea! They are quiet, beautiful, easy to clean up after, only need to be fed once every week, and can safely be handled as long as you wash your hands with soap afterwards. … No, joking! Black widows are great pets but don’t handle them.


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