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21-Day Water Fast: Completion!!

(Forgot to even weigh myself this morning! But I was 139.8# yesterday)

Fourteen hours remaining! I am totally dragging, with just enough energy to surf the Internet and read about other peoples’ fasts. One woman fasted for the entire month of October *and* remodeled her kitchen! Which I do feel diminishes my own accomplishment, but I suppose that is one facet of the Internet – that we are inescapably confronted by the fact that there is always someone who can do it better than we can. Someone more beautiful, more successful, more amazing. Of course, the doing of a thing has value, and we should not shy away from life out of a certainty that we will not be the best at it. This is me, muddling through as best as I can.

Although I started each journal entry with my daily weight, I want to emphasize that the purpose of this fast was NOT weight loss. In fact, I worked very hard to *gain* weight, just so that I could go on this journey. That being said, I am so excited to be getting my body back. All through my weight gain period I continued going to the gym, so I knew there would be some beautiful muscles waiting for me at the end of my journey. It is so nice to see them again! Witness these amazing before and after pictures! It is always amazing to me how much a person’s face can change with weight loss – it is not where I think about fat being stored.

And for anyone who says that fasts destroy muscle, check out this post-fast hunk! My daughter enjoys pointing out that I still have some fat at my love handles, and this is true! I will keep losing down to about 135, which I consider to be my fighting weight.

- - -

I am now down to two hours of my fast remaining. I have cracked my jar of sauerkraut so that I can smell it. I took out a frozen chicken and have been boiling it with herbs for the last few hours, making a broth. I peeled two large carrots and put them in the pot, too, to soften them. When they were done I put them on a plate and came in here to write. And my cat jumped up on the counter and started eating them!!! Stealing my food will get you in trouble on a normal day, but after three weeks of fasting?! Fortunately there is yet time to cook up some more carrots. I also thawed out some guacamole I had made. I hope my stomach does well with the spices, but I am told that avocados are a good food to break one’s fast. I won’t actually eat any of the chicken yet. I also got spinach at the store today. … At the store – the GROCERY store! Oh, what a wonderful, marvelous place to be. And there are no rules – anything you want, you can buy it and eat it.

I am so excited to start making food again. There are handmade noodles I want to make. I have been trying and trying to find the Chinese noodles I want, and now I think I can just make them. I want to make new sauces. I want to be a king of sauces. I want to make bread, and started a sourdough starter during my fast. Today I bought cheese to melt over my sourdough and prosciutto. (I can’t eat that yet, but by the time my sourdough is ready, I’ll be able to.)


Breaking my fast: Sauerkraut. Chicken broth. Stewed carrot. Little nibble of chicken meat. Broth. Pickle. Pickle juice (sugar! but just a little). Guacamole. Now I’m letting that settle. Dear me, everything is Delicious! It is so strangely familiar to have a spoon in my mouth again. Think about not having a spoon in your mouth for three weeks.

I am feeling better already. I knew that much of my fatigue the past few days was mental, but mental fatigue is real, too. Oh my gosh, everything tastes so good! I want to make delicious food for the world. Come to my restaurant; it will be amazing. Only the best.



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