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Sharon's Coat

Laying out the Pattern
Starting to Cut

Beautiful fabric is so expensive. Always a bit nervous when I start cutting!

Harvesting Fur

This beautiful full-length coat was made from real rabbit fur and cost just $20! I'm taking the fur we need from the hem, hoping to turn the coat into a jacket when we are done.

Initial Try-On
Second Fitting

Here you can see I have created the collar (always a sticking point for me) and cuffs.

Second Fitting
Inserting the Lining
Hand-Sewing Buttons
Cutting Button Holes

I hope it's in the right place! No going back from here, and it is right in the center-front of the coat, so no room for error.

Finished Product

Just the coat she's always dreamed of! Now she is praying for a miserable winter for the rest of us so that she can wear it every day.

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