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Water Fast - Day 6

Weight: 150.6 Energy: 6/10 (7=average) Attitude: 8/10 (7=average)

I woke up feeling some little bit of tightness in my jaw. I remember this from previous fasts, and I assume it has something to do with my cutting back on either the potassium or the sodium. I will increase intake today and see whether I can get this corrected.

Um, not a lot of fasting news, folks. Now I am pretty much evening out (I hope) and just going along like normal days. And that was the hope all along, that I could be just like normal, only burning fat instead of sugar. Nicole and I took Rocky to visit some land we are looking at, and I did notice some weakness walking up hills. But no other negative side effects.

Drove Rocky up to Louisville to buy natural gas heaters for The Cottage, got a kitchen sink and faucet, too, and a 20’ pole for a spiral staircase we are building in one of the apartments. Also found (the steel pole guy just had it lying around) a shower-stall-sized clothing steamer. Instead of running a steaming wand over every inch of fabric, you just put the clothes in this stall and it fills the whole thing with steam. Tremendous! I had imagined such a thing before, but didn’t know it was a real product. They sell for over $4,000 but I got it, along with a $250 professional floor steamer identical to the one I use in my shop, for $150 . Hoorah! Also picked up some sheet metal to repair the side of my enclosed trailer (purchased with fire damage on one side). The truck supply guys wanted $600 for the kind of aluminum sheet that covers tractor trailers. I got galvanized sheet metal for just $60. Mine’s got some holes in it where they had run through some screws, but I’ll fill those in with JB Weld or silicone or something. Individual sheets sell for $100+ and I got them for $10ea, so I will call it a productive day!

My new-to-me steamer:



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