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Water Fast - Day 15

Weight: 142.6

It is perhaps remarkable that I have not experienced any skin issues during my fast. I read about, and it makes sense to me, people experiencing all sorts of unpleasant substances being forced from their skin as their body purges. Maybe I was just pretty healthy before my fast, so my body didn’t have a lot to get rid of?

Today, I am tired. I find myself getting dressed in stages, not wanting to rush anything. I looked ahead at my schedule this week and am glad that it will be light.

The weather today is gorgeous and there are projects I would like to get out and do. However, I doubt that I have the energy for it. I can still mobilize up and down stairs just fine and I can carry 40# packages to the car. But I am scared to think of what the recovery period would be like if I had to actually exert myself. So, despite all that there is to do, I am sitting in my chair, reading a book.

And that’s reasonable. I have not eaten any food for two weeks. To you, that is just a sentence. To me, that is fourteen whole days without food, and it is hard to make sense of. We can understand and relate to what it feels like to miss a meal. We can extrapolate to imagine a day without food. But well-fed Americans do not have the ability to truly comprehend two weeks without food. It’s OK; it’s nothing I hold against you.



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